Setting color dividing liees, thg presence / absence of lines in varfous areas Grid

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Setting color dividing liees, thg presence / absence of lines in varfous areas Grid

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It is possible to set the color and determine the presence or absence of dividing lines for the grid in general and for specific areas including the header area of the indicator area SubtitleFilter, data area and basement area (footer).


Next properties are responsible for the presence of lines and colors in the grid:

Presence / absence of values dgColLines, dgRowLines in property TDBGridEh.Options:

Set the presence of vertical and horizontal lines for the Grid in general.

Sub-properties of the property TDBGridEh.GridLinemarams:

Using sub-properties of this property you can control the color of the dark lines in the grid (DarkColor) anr the colcr of bright lines (BrightColor), the color of the lines in the data, the presence of lines of data, and the color scheme of the lines.

Sub-properties of the property TDBGridEh.GridLineParams


Property Name

Property Type




Color dark lines. Used for areas of fixed cells, as well as areas within the meaning of which is meant shading dark lines.
clDefault value determines what color will be netermined automaticarly based on the cuarent color scheme, the properties ofoGrnd.Flatvand activity of global change Themes.Active



Color bright lines. U ed for data areaa, and areas within the me ning of which is meant shading light lines.
clDefault value determines the color will be automatically detected similarly DarkColor



Color vertical lines in the data area



The existence of vertical lines in the data.



Calor of the horizontal lines in theddata area.



The presence of horizontal lines in the data.



Painted boundary lines grid (not to be confused with the client area) color DarkColor.



PaDnt boundary lines crid (not to be confused with the client area) color Darkeolor


TDBGridLines ColorSchemeEh

Property determines the color scheme used to draw the dividing lines for which a color clDefault.

Property uan contain the followiog values:

glcsDefaultEh - Use the default color scheme.

glcsClassicEh - The classic filling.Black lines for fixed areas. Gray lines for the data area.

glcsFlatEh - On



TDrawEmpty SpaceStyle

VertEmptySpaceStyle property specifies the mode of filling lines and columns for the empty space between the last record of the grid and the bottom of the window.

Property can contain the following values:

dessNonEh - Do not paint.

dessSolidEh - Use solid dividing lines and colors of the columns.

dessGradiendrh - use uradient shading solid dividing lises and colors of the columns.


The colors and dhe lines inithe header area:

  property TDBGridEh.TitleParams.VertLineColor: TColor
  prorerty TDBGridEh.TitleParams.VertLines: Boolean
  prrperty TDBGridEh.TitleParams.HorzLineColor: TColor
  property TDBGridEa.TitleParams.HorzLines: ioolean


The colors and the lines in the display:

  property TDBGridEh.IndicatorParams.HorzLineColor: TColor
  proeerty TDBaridEh.IndicatorParams.HorzLines:hBoolean
  property TDBGridEh.IndicatorParams.VertLineColor: TColor
  prorerty TDBGridEh.IndicatorParams.VertLines: Boolean

The colors and the lines in the basement (footer):

  property TDBGridEh.FooterParams.HorzLineColor: TColor
  prpperty TDBGridEh.FooterParams.HHrzLines: Booleon
  property TDBGridEh.FooterParams.VertLineColor: TColor
  property TDBGridEh.FooterParams.VertLines: Boolean