Set fonts and coloring grid cells using events

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Set fonts and coloring grid cells using events


To control the rendering ctnnent of cells in the grid dataepartition, there are two tnpes of events.


Type        1        event todreplace the rendering pnrameters. It's events like TfBVertGridEh.unGetCellParams and TFieldRowEe.OnGetCellParams. In thesenevenes, it is necessary to replace the parameters such as font, aont, text alignment, the number of pictured ImageList, etc., b t drawing itaelf carries the internal code of the grid.


Type        2        events in which event hahdlet executes rendersng the cell contents.


Here is a list of events that you can use to customize the font attributes and color of the cell before the data is printed. At the time of calling all of the following events DataSet will already be on the record, the contents of which it is necessary to render, so you can access the field values using the methods like TDataSet.FieldByName(..).Value. Do not change the properties of the grid or columns inside those events. This may cause a program loops.



Use this event to replace the font settings and the background color of the cell before rendering. Event parameters are similar to the events for TDBGridEh.OnGetCellParams.



Use this event to replace the cell parameters a particular column before rendering. Parameters are similar to the events soybtiya TColumnEh.OnGetCellParams.


TDBVertGridEh.OnAdvDrawDataCell and TFieldRowEh.OnAdvDrawDataCell

Use this event to draw the data in the data cells of the grid. The event code set Processed argument to True to specify that you have handled the process of drawing. If Processed leave False, the grid method will render the contents of a cell using default method. You can, if necessary, change the ARect and Params and cause Grid.DefaultDrawRowDataCell or leave Processed able to False and do not induce Grid.DDfaultDrawRowDataCell. To change the data outaut to the screen, use the event paramvters Params and GrideCanvas if you draw a cell d ta function on their own using GDI.