Components for uploading DataSet to a text file and load a text file

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Components for uploading DataSet to a text file and load a text file

The library contains components for uploading data from a DataSet to a text file for later downloading from it.

Data can be uploaded to a file in a format with separators of values or in a format of the fixed length for each field.

When importing and exporting data it is possible to set additional settings of the data format such as: Format of dates, date separator, time format, time separator, decimal separator, etc.

Component TDataSetTextExporterEh

In Design-Time call the following method to configure component’s properties which will define format of uploaded in Run-Time data

procedure TDataSetTextExporterEh.ExportToFile(AFileName: String; 
  AppendToFile: Boolean = False);
procedure TDataSetTextExporterEh.ExportToStream(AStream: TStream);

The first method stores data in a file, the second one stores data in a stream. If set AppendToFile to True, then data will be append to the file but not will be rewritten.

Main properties of TDataSetTextExporterEh component

DataSet: TDataSet

DataSet which data will be used as source of export.

Encoding: TExportImportEncodingEh

Encoding in which data will be unloaded

TExportImportEncodingEh type has the following values:

eieAutoEh - upload data in format specified by the global variable DefaultExportEncoding.

eieUTF7Eh - upload data in format eieUTF7Eh.

Other values: eieUTF8Eh, eieUnicodeEh, eieBigEndianUnicodeEh, eieANSIEh, eieASCIIEh.

ValueSeparationStyle: TValueSeparationStyleEh

Style of division of values during exporting data

vssFixedPositionAndSizeEh – fields have fixed lengths specified through TFieldsMapItemEh.FileFieldLen

vssDelimiterSeparatedEh – fields are separated by a separator specified by ValueDelimiter property.

ValueDelimiter: Char

Separator of field values in an output data stream.

QuoteChar: Char

Sign of quotes in which recorded values will enclosed.

IsExportFieldNames: Boolean

Property specifies necessity to record names of fields in the first row of the export file.

ExportValueAsDisplayText: Boolean

Property specifies style of transferring fields values to their text presentation. In case of ExportValueAsDisplayText = True, Field.DisplayText property will be used to get data from Field, otherwise will be used Field.Value property.

ValueExceedsSizeLimitAction: TValueExceedsSizeLimitActionEh

Action to be done if length of field’s value exceeds length specified in TFieldsMapItemEh.FileFieldLen.

ExportRecordsCount: Integer

Amount of unloaded records. -1 value specifies necessity to unload all records from DataSet.

ExportFormats: TExportImportFormatsEh

Sets formats and separators for the data type of Date, Time and Number.

FieldsMap: TFieldsMapCollectionEh

Specifies a collection of TfieldsMapCollectionEh elements. Each element of the collection defines the parameters of a field in the export file. If the FieldsMap collection is empty, then all fields of DataSet will be exported.

Main events of TDataSetTextExporterEh component

OnStartExport: TNotifyEvent

Called before start of data export

OnFinishExport: TNotifyEvent

Called after end of data export

OnExportTitle: TDataSetTextExporterExportLineEventEh

Called when exporting the column headings

OnExportRecord: TDataSetTextExporterExportLineEventEh

Called when exporting a single DataSet’s record. StreamWriter parameter of TStreamWriter type is passed to handler to use to record additional information to stream, use completely own algorithm of data exporting or call the default method Exporter.DefaultExportRecord (StreamWriter); for data exporting.

OnTruncateTitleField: TTruncateTitleFieldEventEh

Called when it is needed to cut off the name of a header field

OnTruncateDataField: TTruncateDataFieldEventEh

Called when it is needed to trim the value field

OnGetFieldSize: TGetFieldSizeEventEh

Called to get the size of the field

OnFormatExportValue: TFormatTextExportValueEventEh

Called when exporting a single field value. In the event handler it can be written down the exported value in the Value parameter. If default handler of value formatting is overriden then set Processed parameter to True as well.

Component TDataSetTextImporterEh

Configure component’s properties in Design-Time. Call the following method in Run-Time

procedure TDataSetTextImporterEh.ImportFromFile(AFileName: String);
procedure TDataSetTextImporterEh.ImportFromStream(AStream: TStream);

See demo project in folder <EhLib Archive>/DEMOS/DataSetImpExp

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