TPropStorageEh component

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TPropStorageEh component

TPropStorageEh and TPropStorageManagerEh componetns realize technology to store components properties to/from settings storage such as Ini files, Registry etc.

Current version of library has components to write/read in/from Ini files and Windows Registry. Base component of this technology is the TPropStorageEh. Place this component in the form, component properties of which you want to save in the storage. Double click on the component during the design-time to open properties storage editor window. In the tree of properties you can select required properties for storing. Properties list is a list of all published properties or declared in DefineProperty function of components with the exclusion of TCollection class properties. Besides the list of all elements of the collection, the tree of properties will contain \<ForAllItems\> subproperty. When you select sub-property in the given branch, the component will save corresponding sub-property for each element of the collection.

Component TPropStorageEh can write and read property values in the stream. To redirect flow in the storage it is necessary to execute one of the following actions:

  1. Place component that is inherited from TPropStorageManagerEh on the form. In this version there are two such components. These are TIniPropStorageManEh and TRegPropStorageManEh. Customize properties of this component and assign component to TPropStorageEh.StorageManager property.

  2. Or you can only once write code to register global component - DefaultPropStorageManager. All TPropStorageEh components, in which StorageManager property is not assigned, will use DefaultPropStorageManager manager for redirecting flow of the property values to the storage.

Code to register global store manager can look like this:



  IniPropStorageMan: TIniPropStorageManEh;


  IniPropStorageMan := TIniPropStorageManEh.Create(nil);
  IniPropStorageMan.IniFileName := 'MyIniFile.Ini';
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