Working with TMemTableEh at design-time

At design-time the double click on the component opens a window of component controling - TMemTableFieldsEditor. It allows:

  • Create fields (TField components) for TMemTableEh.
  • Fill TMemTableEh datas.
  • Load data in TMemTableEh from other DataSet.
  • Create 'stand-alone’ array of datas.
  • Clean TMemTableEh.

Create new TDataDriver object for TMemTableEh basing on existing DataSet-source of data. Herewith, designer will try to assign DataDriver properties founding on the type DataSet-source. For instance, if you choose to create DataDriver of TSQLDataDriver type and DataSet-source will have a TQuery type, the designer will assign TSQLDataDriver.SelectComand.CommandText property automatically from TQuery.SQL property.

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