Using shared array of records by several TMemTableEh

TMemTableEh allows to use a same array of records by several TMemTableEh components. But only one main TMemTableEh must be holder of the array. Others will connect to this array using ExternalMemData property use it. Other TMemTableEh components access external data of the main TMemTableEh ignoring local filter of main TMemTableEh. DataDriver property can be assigned only for main MemTable. Sorting and filtration in each MemTableEh components don’t affect to each other.

Moving records in TMemTableEh when dghRecordMoving mode is active.

Include dghRecordMoving in OptionsEh of DBGridEh component to allow users moving records inside TMemTableEh component. Besides, when TreeList mode is active, DBGridEh allows move records inside tree by changing records and level of node. To move record at run-time, a user has to press the mouse button above the indicator of record and drag it to required place inside the grid (when multiselect is active user has to select records to move before dragging).

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