Using TDBLookupComboboxEh control

TDBLookupComboBoxEh represents a combo box that identifies a set of field(s) values in one dataset with a corresponding set of values from another dataset. To understand 'lookup' concepts see Delphi help, Topic - Displaying and editing data in lookup list and combo boxes. 


TDBLookupComboboxEh can be of two styles (Style property):

  • csDropDownEh - Application can assign and users can type text which does not contain in data list.
  • csDropDownListEh - Application can assign and users can type text which is only present in data list.


If KeyField, ListField, ListSource, DataField and DataSource properties are empty then you can assign KeyValue and Text values which doesn't affect each other. 


Drop down window takes values from dataset that determines by ListSource property. 

Drop down list can:

  • Show titles (Captions is took from Field.DisplayLabel property),
  • Show special non-scrolled row in top part of list (SpecRow property).
  • Have sizing grip (Sizable property),
  • Automatically set width of window as sum of DisplayWidth of the list fields (Set Width propery = -1),
  • Automatically drops when user presses any key (AutoDrop property).
  • Have specified width (Width property).
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