Using TDBDateTimeEditEh control

TDBDateTimeEditEh represents a single-line date or/and time edit control that can display and edit a date or/and time values. 


Property Kind determines whether the component is a date editor or/and a time editor (dtkDateEh, dtkTimeEh, dtkDateTimeEh) or custom date-time mask editor (dtkCustomEh). 

Use EditFormat property to set custom date/time format. You can use next format elements: 'YY', 'YYYY', 'MM', 'DD', 'HH', 'NN', 'SS'. 

By default TDBDateTimeEditEh build edit mask using ShortDateFormat variable. Edit mask can be by six types: three for four-char year - 'MM/DD/YYYY', 'DD/MM/YYYY', 'YYYY/MM/DD' and three for two-char year 'MM/DD/YY', 'DD/MM/YY', 'YY/MM/DD'. 


Application can use Text (String type) and Value (Variant type) properties to get and set DateTime type value in TDBDateTimeEditEh. If TDBDateTimeEditEh has dtkDateEh type then it will change only date part of the field. If TDBDateTimeEditEh has dtkTimeEh type then it will change only time part of the field.

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