Using TDBComboBoxEh control

TDBComboBoxEh component is an edit box with a scrollable drop-down list attached to it. User can select an item from the list or type it directly into the edit box. 


TDBComboBoxEh permits a single line and multiple line of text. Use WordWrap property to set TDBComboBoxEh as multiple line editor. 


Use Items property to access to the list of items (strings) in the list portion of the combo box. 


Use KeyItems property to access to the list of items (strings) which will be stored in field when Items property is also assigned. When Items and KeyItems properties are filled, then KeyList property have to contain values which will be written in the field, but Items property, in corresponding indexes, has to contain values to display. 


Use Images property to specify images that will be drawn in the drop-down list and image that will be drawn on the left side of ComboBox. Index of drawing image is taken from ItemIndex property.

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