Save / load data from / to the file (s)

In MemTableEh has the ability to save data to a file and load the data from the file. When saving data MemTableEh writes the internal structure of the array and writing the array.

procedure SaveToFile(const FileName: string = ''; Format: TDfmStreamFormatEh = dfmTextEh);
type TDfmStreamFormatEh = (dfmBinaryEh, dfmTextEh);

Writes the contents of the internal FileName dataset components TMemTableEh.

procedure LoadFromFile(const FileName: string = '');

Loads data from a file FileName into the internal data array components TMemTableEh. In this case, the old structure and the contents of the internal components of the array is removed. 

Demo: An example of using functions to save and load data to / from a file in the main library of the demonstration project – <EhLib_Dir\Demos\MainDemo>

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