Master/detail relations

Master/detail relation is a working mode of two datasets when all visible records of one dataset (DetailDataSet) always correspond to one record of other dataset (MasterDataSet). In time of moving in MasterDataSet the DetailDataSet will recreate or filters records so that they will correspond to MasterDataSet record. The correspondence is adjusted using MasterFields and KeyFields properties of DetailDataSet. DetailDataSet always show only the records, which values of the field/fields defined by MasterFields property is equal to values of the fields defined by MasterFields property of the current record of MasterDataSet. 

TMemTableEh allows to create a master/detail relations on the client side "mdsOnSelfEh" (by filtering record) or on DataProvider "mdsOnProviderEh" (by recreating list of records in DetailDataSet when record in MasterDataset is changed). 

To adjust TMemTableEh in the master/detail mode use next properties: MasterSource, MasterFields, KeyFields, MasterDetailSide. When MasterDetailSide is mdsOnSelfEh, TMemTableEh will filter records by DetailFields fields using values of MasterDataSet[MasterFields] fields. When MasterDetailSide is mdsOnProviderEh, DetailDataSet will reopen itself, assigning parameters from MasterDataSet[MasterFields]. On opening it will pass parameters to DataDriver. In the mdsOnProviderEh mode the DetailFields are not used. 

The third state of working "mdsOnSelfAfterProviderEh" is a combination of two preceding. Upon first moving to record in MasterDataSet the DetailDataSet gets records from DataDriver, sending him parameters with values, assigned from MasterSource[MasterFields] and add received records in its internal array of record. Upon next moving on same record in MasterDataSet the DetailDataSet will always only filter records locally.

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