Hints and Tooltips

Hints and Tooltips are special text hints, which are shown in small additional window (usually in a yellow color) while the mouse is above a specified place of grid. To show Hints and Tooltips in DBGridEh it is required to set ShowHint property to True. Hints usually contain additional information about a data in the cell. Tooltips usually contain a full-text of cell if it doesn’t fit in the cell. To show Tooltips in DBGridEh, use the Column.ToolTips, Column.Title.ToolTips, and Column.Footer.ToolTips properties. Besides, there are events Column.OnDataHintShow and Column.DBGridEh that allow to form Hints for cell dynamically. Use these events to set Text, Font, Colour, Position or the other parameters of hint window for every cell of the grid. These events will be called only if Grid.ShowHint is set in True. During the calling event the grid is positioned on required record. So you can access fields values from dataset.

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