TDataDriverEh.DefaultAssignFieldValue Method

Assigns a field value from ReaderDataSet to the field of MemRec record.

procedure DefaultAssignFieldValue(MemTableData: TMemTableDataEh; MemRec: TMemoryRecordEh; DataFieldIndex: Integer; DataValueVersion: TDataValueVersionEh; ReaderDataSet: TDataSet); virtual;

Call this method to accomplish an assignment of the field from ReaderDataSet to the field of MemRec record by default. You can call this method from OnAssignFieldValue event. 

DataValueVersion specify a type of values of the field. When new record is reading DataValueVersion have dvvValueEh value. When record is updating the DataValueVersion have dvvRefreshValue value. In this case if record already changed in MemTableData, it is need to update old values of record.

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