DataDriverEh Namespace

This is namespace DataDriverEh.

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This is class DataDriverEh.TBaseSQLCommandEh. 
BaseSQLDataDriverEh class is a base class for TSQLDataDriverEh other SQL based data drivers which interact with server by means of SQL. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TConnectionProviderEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TCustomInlineConnectionEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TCustomSQLCommandEh. 
TCustomSQLDataDriverEh class is a base class for TBaseSQLDataDriverEh
Delivers data to TMemTableEh. Processes changed records of TMemTableEh (writes them in other dataset, or call events for processing the changes in program). 
Delivers data in TMemTableEh from other DataSet. Processes records, changed in TMemTableEh
This is class DataDriverEh.TDB2SpecOperationsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TDynaSQLParamsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TInfromixSpecOperationsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TInterbaseSpecOperationsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TMacroVarsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TMSAccessSpecOperationsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TMSSQLSpecOperationsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TOracleSpecOperationsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TServerSpecOperationsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TSpecMacrosEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TSQLCommandEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TSQLConnectionProviderEh. 
Universal driver of data which interact with server by means of SQL and four objects to Select, Delete, Insert, Update data and reselect one record. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TSQLDataDriverResolver. 
This is class DataDriverEh.TSybaseSpecOperationsEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.IConnectionProviderDesignServiceEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.IConnectionProviderEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.IDataDriverConsumerEh. 
This is class DataDriverEh.IDesignDataBaseEh. 
This is record DataDriverEh.TDynaSQLOptionEh. 
This is record DataDriverEh.TSpecMacrosUsageEh. 
This is record DataDriverEh.TSQLCommandTypeEh. 
This is record DataDriverEh.TUpdateErrorActionEh. 
This is type DataDriverEh.IInterface. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TAssignParamEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TDataDriverAssignFieldValueEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TDataDriverBuildDataStructEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TDataDriverExecuteCommandEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TDataDriverGetBackUpdatedValuesEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TDataDriverProduceDataReaderEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TDataDriverReadRecordEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TDataDriverRecordEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TDataDriverUpdateErrorEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TDynaSQLOptionsEh. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TFieldTypesEh. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TResolverExecuteCommandEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TResolverGetBackUpdatedValuesEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TResolverGetServerSpecOperationsEh. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TResolverUpdateRecordEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TServerSpecOperationsEhClass. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TSetDesignDataBaseProcEh. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TSpecMacrosUsagesEh. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TSQLDataDriverAssignParamEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TSQLDataDriverEhClass. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TSQLDataDriverExecuteCommandEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TSQLDataDriverGetBackUpdatedValuesEhEvent. 
This is type DataDriverEh.TSQLExecuteEhEvent. 
This is variable DataDriverEh.AnsiServerSpecOperations. 
This is variable DataDriverEh.DesignDataBuilderClasses. 
This is variable DataDriverEh.DesignDataBuilderProcs. 
This is variable DataDriverEh.FDefaultSQLDataDriverResolver. 
This is variable DataDriverEh.KeyAllowedFieldTypes. 
This is variable DataDriverEh.ServerTypeClasses. 
This is function DataDriverEh.DefaultSQLDataDriverResolver. 
This is function DataDriverEh.GetDesignDataBuilderProcEh. 
This is function DataDriverEh.RegisterDefaultSQLDataDriverResolver. 
This is function DataDriverEh.RegisterDesignDataBuilderProcEh. 
This is function DataDriverEh.RegisterServerType. 
This is function DataDriverEh.UnregisterDesignDataBuilderProcEh. 
This is function DataDriverEh.VarParamsToParams. 
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