TDBGridColumnEh.ImageList Property

A list of bitmaps that will be shown depending of field value and KeyList.

property ImageList;

set Column.ImageList property to ImageList control that have the bitmap in according index. Set Column.NotInKeyListIndex to index of bitmap that will be shown if field's value does not correspond to any value in KeyList (for instance you can set index of image for Null field value). You are not allowed to edit bitmap column. Use blank and mouse click to set next value from Column.KeyList to the field; Shift-blank and Shift-Mouse click to set previous value from Column.KeyList. Set Column.DblClickNextval to True to change value on mouse double click. 

You can fill also PickList property by values of tooltip text. At runtime by moving mouse above image will forces to show text from PickList in tooltips window. Set also Tooltips property to True and ShowHint property of DGBGridEh to True.

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