TCustomDBGridEh.IndicatorTitle Property

Controls the behavior of the grid when the top-left cell is clicked.

property IndicatorTitle: TDBGridEhIndicatorTitle;

Using properties of the TDBGridEh.IndicatorTitle object you can control the behavior of the grid when the top-left cell is clicked. 


To force top-left cell to work as button set TitleButton to True. The property DropdownMenu and UseGlobalMenu also will be took into consideration in this case. If UseGlobalMenu is True when user clicks in cell then grid will form dropped down menu using global property DBGridEhCenter.IndicatorTitleMenus.IndicatorTitleMenus. If DropdownMenu will be assigned then all elements of this menu will are added to the dropped down menu after elements of global menu. 


property DropdownMenu: TPopupMenu; 

Identifies the pop-up menu, which elements will be displayed when IndicatorTitle cell is clicked. 


property ShowDropDownSign: Boolean default False; 

Determines whether display the black triangle directed in upper left when cell is clicked. 


property TitleButton: Boolean; 

Determines whether the upper left cell works as button. 


property UseGlobalMenu: Boolean default True; 

Determines whether need to take into account the DBGridEhCenter.IndicatorTitleMenus property when drop down menu is building.

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