DBGridEh Namespace

This is namespace DBGridEh.

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TBookmarkList is a collection of bookmarks that identify a set of records in a dataset. 
This is class DBGridEh.TColCellParamsEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TColumnDefValuesEh. 
TColumnEh represents a column in a TDBGridEh
This is class DBGridEh.TColumnEhMenuItem. 
TColumnFooterEh represents the footer of a data-grid column (TColumnEh). 
TColumnFootersEh is an indexed collection of TColumnFooterEh objects. 
TColumnsEhList represents a list of TColumnEh objects. 
This is class DBGridEh.TColumnsEhPropertyInterceptor. 
This is class DBGridEh.TColumnTitleDefValuesEh. 
TColumnTitleEh represents the title of a data-grid column (TColumnEh). 
This is class DBGridEh.TCustomDBEditEhCracker. 
TCustomDBGridEh is the abstract base class for grid controls that display the records from a dataset in a tabular format. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridBackgroundDataEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridColumnEh. 
TDBGridColumnsEh represents a container for TColumnEh objects. 
TDBGridEh displays and manipulates records from a dataset in a tabular grid. 
Controls the global behavior of a all DBGridEh components. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDataGroupLevelEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDataGroupsEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDataHintParams. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridEhGroupingPanelEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridEhIndicatorTitle. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridEhMenuItem. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridEhNavigatorPanelCrack. 
TDBGridEhScrollBar displays a horizontal or vertical scroll bar. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridEhScrollBarPanel. 
TDBGridEhSelection contain a selected area of TDBGridEh component. Selected records, columns or rectangle area. 
TDBGridEhSelectionCols contain a list of currently selected columns in the TDBGridEh
TDBGridEhSelectionRect contains bounds of the selected rectangle in the TDBGridEh
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridEhStyle. 
Ensures sums values in footer cells of TDBGridEh class. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridFilterPopupListboxItemEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridFooterParamsEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridIndicatorParamsEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridInplaceEdit. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridLineParamsEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridSearchPanelEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TDBGridTitleParamsEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TGridDataGroupFooterEhCrack. 
TGridDataLinkEh helps manage the link to a data source and maintain the field mapping for a TDBGridEh object. 
This is class DBGridEh.TGridEmptyDataInfoEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TGridHighlightTextParamsEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TGridRowPanelEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TGridTreeViewParamsEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TGroupFooterParamsEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TGroupRowParamsEh. 
THeadTreeNode hold values and help to manage MultiTitle mode of TCustomDBGridEh object. 
This is class DBGridEh.THorzDBGridEhScrollBar. 
This is class DBGridEh.TInplaceFilterEditEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TPopupListboxItemEhData. 
This is class DBGridEh.TPopupListboxItemEhLine. 
This is class DBGridEh.TPopupListboxItemEhSort. 
This is class DBGridEh.TPopupListboxItemEhSpec. 
This is class DBGridEh.TRowDetailPanelControlEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TRowDetailPanelEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TSTColumnFilterEh. 
This is class DBGridEh.TSTDBGridEhFilter. 
This is class DBGridEh.TVertDBGridEhScrollBar. 
This is class DBGridEh.TWinControlCracker. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmArrow. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmDropDown. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmEdit. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmEditWhite. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmInsert. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmMultiArrow. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmMultiDot. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmSmDown. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmSmDown1. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmSmUp. 
This is constant DBGridEh.bmSmUp1. 
This is constant DBGridEh.ColSelectionAreaHeight. 
This is constant DBGridEh.ColumnEhFooterValues. 
This is constant DBGridEh.IndicatorWidth. 
This is constant DBGridEh.MaxMapSize. 
This is constant DBGridEh.WaitCursor. 
This is record DBGridEh.LeafCol. 
This is record DBGridEh.TCellAreaTypeEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TColumnEhInRowPanelPlacement. 
This is record DBGridEh.TColumnEhRestoreParam. 
This is record DBGridEh.TColumnFooterEhValue. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBCell. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGirdDrawFixedStateEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGirdDrawTitleStateEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridEhEditAction. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridEhIndicatorOption. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridEhOption. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridEhRestoreParam. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridEhRowIndicatorTypeEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridEhSelectionType. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridEhState. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridEhStyleIndicatorTitleMenuEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridFilterButtonDrawTimeEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TDBGridOption. 
This is record DBGridEh.TEditButtonsShowOptionEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TFooterValueType. 
This is record DBGridEh.TGridRowPanelNavKeysNavigationTypeEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TGridRowPanelTabNavigationTypeEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TGridThemeTitleFillElementEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.THorzCellAreaTypeEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TPopupListboxItemEhSpecType. 
This is record DBGridEh.TScrollBarVisibleModeEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TSortMarkerStyleEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TSTFilterDefaultOperatorEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TSTFilterExpressionEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TSTFilterLocationEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TSTFilterOperatorEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TSTOperandTypeEh. 
This is record DBGridEh.TVertCellAreaTypeEh. 
This is type DBGridEh.PLeafCol. 
This is type DBGridEh.PTLeafCol. 
This is type DBGridEh.TCharSet. 
Occurs after user click on title to determine whether the title can behave as button. 
This is type DBGridEh.TColumnEhClass. 
This is type DBGridEh.TColumnEhRestoreParams. 
This is type DBGridEh.TColumnFooterEhClass. 
This is type DBGridEh.TColumnFooterValues. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhAdvDrawColumnDataEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhAllowedSelection. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhAllowedSelections. 
Occurs when the grid forms the dropped down menu on mouse click on upper left cell. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhCheckRowHaveDetailPanelEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhClickEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhColumnGroupGetKeyValueEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDataGroupGetGroupFooterParamsEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDataGroupGetGroupRowParamsEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDataGroupGetGroupRowTextEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDataGroupGetKeyValueAsTextEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDataGroupGetKeyValueEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDataHintShowEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDropDownBoxCheckTitleEhBtnEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDropDownBoxDBGridSimpleTextApplyFilterEh. 
Occurs when the dropped down box needs to paint a cell. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDropDownBoxGetCellEhParamsEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhDropDownBoxTitleEhClickEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhEditActions. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhFillSTFilterListEvent. 
Occurs every time when it is needed to fill list of STFilter dropped down box. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhGetColorEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhHintShowPauseEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhIndicatorOptions. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhNotifyEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhOptions. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhRestoreParams. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhRowDetailPanelHideEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhRowDetailPanelShowEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridEhStyleIndicatorTitleMenusEh. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridOptions. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDBGridSimpleTextApplyFilterEh. 
This is type DBGridEh.TDrawColumnEhCellEvent. 
Occurs when the grid needs to paint footer cell. 
This is type DBGridEh.TEditButtonsShowOptionsEh. 
Occurs before draw pressed title button. 
Occurs before draw data cell. 
Occurs before draw or edit data cell. 
Occurs after changing data in DataSet to determine the row height. 
Occurs before draw footer cell. 
This is type DBGridEh.TGridDataGroupFooterItemAggregateValueEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TGridDataGroupFooterItemFinalizeValueEvent. 
This is type DBGridEh.TGridDataGroupFooterItemToDisplayTextEvent. 
Occurs when the record is going to be moved or when grid checks are there accessible to move record to specified RecNo. 
This is type DBGridEh.THeadTreeProc. 
This is type DBGridEh.TLeafCol. 
Occurs when the control checks to draw RequiredState line. 
Occurs after clicking on title button. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhCopyIndicatorMenuItem. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhCutIndicatorMenuItem. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhDeleteIndicatorMenuItem. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhEmptyDataInfoText. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhFindDialogKey. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhIndicators. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhIndicatorTitlePopupMenu. 
Specifies background color of increment searching text. Default value is clYellow. 
Specifies shortcut to begin increment searching. Default value is Ctrl+F. 
Specifies shortcut to search next matching. Default value is Ctrl+Enter. 
Specifies shortcut to search prior matching. Default value is Ctrl+Shift+Enter. 
Specifies color of increment searching text. Default value is clBlack. 
Specifies time in millisecond after which grid will return to normal mode from increment search mode. Default value is 1500 (1.5 sec). 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhPasteIndicatorMenuItem. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhSelectAllIndicatorMenuItem. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhSetValueFromPrevRecordKey. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhShowInTitleFilterBox. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhSortMarkerImages. 
This is variable DBGridEh.DBGridEhVisibleColumnsIndicatorMenuItem. 
This is variable DBGridEh.FDBGridEhCenter. 
This is variable DBGridEh.FDBGridEhDefaultStyle. 
This is variable DBGridEh.FScreenNumColors. 
This is variable DBGridEh.hcrDownCurEh. 
This is variable DBGridEh.hcrLeftCurEh. 
This is variable DBGridEh.hcrRightCurEh. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhAll. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhApplyFilter. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhClearFilter. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhData. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhDialog. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhEmpties. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhLine. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhNotEmties. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhSortAsc. 
This is variable DBGridEh.PopupListboxItemEhSortDes. 
This is variable DBGridEh.SaveCursor. 
This is variable DBGridEh.SortMarkerFont. 
This is variable DBGridEh.VarColCellParamsEh. 
This is variable DBGridEh.WaitCount. 
This is function DBGridEh.DBGridEhCenter. 
This is function DBGridEh.DBGridEhDefaultStyle. 
This is function DBGridEh.ExtractWord. 
This is function DBGridEh.ExtractWordPos. 
This is function DBGridEh.SetDBGridEhCenter. 
This is function DBGridEh.SetDBGridEhDefaultStyle. 
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