TDBEditEh Class

TDBEditEh represents a single or multi-line edit control that can display and edit a field in a dataset or can works as non data-aware edit control.

TDBEditEh = class(TCustomDBEditEh);

Use TDBEditEh to enable users to edit a internal string value or a database field. If DataField and DataSource properties is not assigned then component works in not data-aware mode and store data in internal variable. 


Application can use Text (String type) and Value (Variant type) properties to get and set string value in TDBEditEh. If TDBEditEh is in data-aware mode then assigning to Text or Value automatically write data to associated field. 


TDBEditEh permits a single line and multiple line of text. Use WordWrap property to set TDBEditEh as multiple line editor. 


TDBEditEh implements the generic behavior introduced in TCustomDBEditEh. TDBEditEh publishes many of the properties inherited from TCustomDBEditEh, but does not introduce any new behavior. For specialized edit controls, use other descendant classes of TCustomDBEditEh or derive from it.

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