TCustomDBEditEh Class

TCustomDBEditEh is the base class from which all EhLib edit controls are derived.

TCustomDBEditEh = class(TCustomMaskEdit, IInplaceEditEh, IComboEditEh, IUnknown);

TCustomDBEditEh encapsulates the behavior common to all EhLib components for editing text and if required to edit a database field by introducing methods and properties that provide: 


Basic text editing functions such as selecting text, modifying selected text, and case conversions. 

Ability to respond to changes in the contents of the text. 

Access control of the text for making it read-only or introducing a password character to hide the actual value. 

Validity checking using an edit mask. 

Writing edited text to database field. 

Showing one or several edit buttons (with variable glyphs: dropdown arrow, Ellipsis arrow, up-down arrows, plus sign, minus sign or custom bitmap) at right part of edit box. 

Showing image at left part of the edit box from image list. 


Do not create instances of TCustomDBEditEh. Use TCustomDBEditEh as a base class when declaring control objects that permit the user to enter or modify text.

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