TCustomDBCheckBoxEh.ValueUnchecked Property

Specifies the field value that corresponds to the unchecked state of the checkbox.

property ValueUnchecked: String;

Use ValueUnchecked to specify the field value represented by the check box when it is unchecked. If the value of the ValueUnchecked property is equal to the data in the field of the current record of the dataset, the database check box appears unchecked. When the user unchecks the database check box, the field value is set to ValueUnchecked. 


ValueUnchecked can represent more than one value in a semicolon-delimited list of items. If any of the items matches the contents of the field of the current record in the dataset, the check box appears unchecked. For example, set the value of ValueUnchecked string like this: 


DBCheckBoxEh1.ValueUnchecked := 'False;No;Off';
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