TCustomDBCheckBoxEh Properties

The properties of the TCustomDBCheckBoxEh class are listed here.

Controls the position of the check box’s caption. 
Determines whether check box can be in a “grayed” state. 
Determines whether the flat border is always visible. 
Specifies whether the check box is checked. 
Identifies the field from which the data-aware control displays data. 
Links the check box to a dataset. 
This is DynProps, a member of class TCustomDBCheckBoxEh. 
Indicates the TField object whose current value the check box represents. 
Makes the check box to look flat style. 
Indicates whether the user change the check box state. 
Determines whether the user can use the check box to change the checked state. 
Indicates whether the check box is selected, deselected, or grayed. 
This is TabStop, a member of class TCustomDBCheckBoxEh. 
The check box has a check mark in it, but it is grayed. 
Specifies the field value that corresponds to the unchecked state of the checkbox. 
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