TBDEDataDriverEh Events

The events of the TBDEDataDriverEh class are listed here.

Occurs when it is necessary to assign parameter. 
Occurs when DataDriver assigns values of the field of record from ReaderDataSet in the field of MemRec record. 
Occurs when MemTableEh request a structure of fields for reading the records. 
Occurs when it is necessary to execute a command on the server. 
Occurs when need to update field values after performing an query of changing the record. 
Occurs when DataDriver creates DataSet for reading the data. 
Occurs when DataDriver reads a record from DataSet for reading data and writes values in Rec record. 
Occurs when it is necessary update values of fields of record that specified by parameter. 
Occurs when it is necessary to update error when it happens in process of changing a record in TDataDriverEh. 
Occurs when it is necessary to process a changed record. 
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